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Gearing up to Protect Against Security Breaches

With each new security breach, executives are asking you, ‘could it happen to us?’ CIOs have a responsibility to prepare our organizations to operate securely. Every company drives revenue heavily from their technology investments, and security is how we protect those investments. Continue reading

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Premium Increases Slow, Out-of-Pocket Expenses Rise in 2015

A Kaiser Family Foundation survey found that while premiums have only risen about 4 percent in 2015 on average, deductibles have been rising faster than total health costs—and faster than wages. On average, deductibles have risen about seven times faster than wages, which have stayed relatively flat. Continue reading

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OFCCP Releases Final Rule on Federal Contractor Pay Transparency

The OFCCP has issued a final rule regarding Executive Order 13665, designed to increase pay transparency among federal contractor employees and job applicants. Continue reading

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District Court Ruling Seeks to Expand Contraceptive Mandate Exception

A new ruling out of the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia would expand the types of organizations that can opt out of providing employees with coverage for contraceptives. The Affordable Care Act (ACA) requires that group health … Continue reading

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